The following list is entirely designed by taking the inspiration from MiroBurn personality, that I am following for a longer time. MiroBurn (Mirek Burnejko) is a polish entrepreneur and master of life hacking in my eyes, where one of his core principles is having long-term goals.


Three Goals (Originally “Trzy Poziomy” in πŸ‡΅πŸ‡±) is one of the most critical productivity methods. In short, this idea consists of breaking our goal/dream into smaller stages that are easier to achieve (in this example, we are using three steps (easy, medium, hard)). After completing each level, we reward ourselves with a previously specified prize. All of the goals also consist of a motivation reference that pushed us to achieve the objective. As we cannot force ourselves into something that will not fit us, some of the goals and terms might change, but only in the last resort.

Why are there years, next to the goals?
Because aims without specific deadlines are only dreams.


  • Level 1: dinner at the restaurant
  • Level 2: good-looking clothes
  • Level 3: weekend trip

List of Goals


  1. Wrote the first post on my blog β€” 07/09/2018 (reward)
  2. Wrote 10 posts on my blog β€” 28/07/2019
  3. Wrote 50 posts on my blog β€” 2022

Inspiration: Maciej Aniserowicz and his blogging contest.


  1. Uploaded the first vlog on YouTube β€” 27/01/2019
  2. Uploaded 10 vlogs on YouTube β€” 2021
  3. Uploaded 30 vlogs on YouTube β€” 2023

Inspiration: MiroBurn and his daily vlog.


  1. Created and published the first useful system β€” 16/09/2018 (reward)
  2. Created and published three useful systems β€” 2020
  3. Created and published ten useful systems β€” 2023

Inspiration: GitHub community.

Programmer (solver)

  1. Solved 30 coding problems on CodeSignal/HackerRank/LeetCode β€” 12/11/2018
  2. Solved 150 coding problems on CodeSignal/HackerRank/LeetCode β€” 2019
  3. Solved 500 coding problems on CodeSignal/HackerRank/LeetCode β€” 2021

Note: It is a little tricky, to count my solutions from multiple sources, but eventually, it is all about doing the work πŸ™‚
My profiles: CodeSignal, HackerRank, LeetCode
Inspiration: My friend Recep.

Eternal Student

  1. Solved 400 problems in the Brilliant app β€” 22/12/2018
  2. Solved 2000 problems in the Brilliant app β€” 2020
  3. Solved 4000 problems in the Brilliant app β€” 2022

Inspiration: myself.

Music Producer

  1. Uploaded the first full song on SoundCloud β€” 2020
  2. Uploaded 3 songs on SoundCloud β€” 2022
  3. Uploaded 10 songs on SoundCloud β€” 2025

Inspiration: All the creative artists I found on SoundCloud.

Marathon Runner

  1. Ran half marathon β€” 19/05/2019
  2. Ran marathon β€” 2022
  3. Ran ultramarathon (100 km) β€” 2024

Inspiration: MiroBurn achieving the same goals.


  1. Meditated 30 days in a row β€” 07/10/2018 (reward)
  2. Meditated 130 days in a row β€” 15/01/2019
  3. MeditatedΒ 365Β days in a rowΒ β€” 07/09/2019

Inspiration: Buddhist monks.

Public Speaker

  1. Performed in front of a 25-seater audience β€” 2020
  2. Performed in front of a 50-seater audience β€” 2022
  3. Performed in front of a 100-seater audience β€” 2025

Inspiration: Tony Robbins.


  1. Sold 100 copies of my book β€” 2023
  2. Sold 1000 copies of my book β€” 2025
  3. Sold 10000 copies of my book β€” 2029

Inspiration: Maciej Aniserowicz.

Businessman (employees)

  1. Hired the first co-worker β€” 2024
  2. Hired 5 co-workers β€” 2025
  3. Hired 10 co-workers β€” 2026

Inspiration: Gary Vaynerchuk.

Businessman (money)

  1. Achieved sale of 10000$/year β€” 2026
  2. Achieved sale of 20000$/year β€” 2028
  3. Achieved sale of 50000$/year β€” 2031

Inspiration: Gary Vaynerchuk.