Three Goals is one of the most critical productivity methods. In short, the idea consists of breaking our goals/dreams into smaller stages that are easier to achieve. After completing each level, we reward ourselves with a previously specified award.

I am constantly learning and exploring myself; therefore, some entries are still in the experimental phase. It means that part of the goals might be respecified or even dropped, but the most essential is their motivational aspect (strengthen by publishing them on this site).


All of the desirable achievements are divided into three levels:

  • Easy (β‰ˆ 10%)
  • Medium (β‰ˆ 30%)
  • Hard (100%)

After each level I treat myself with an award:

  • Level 1: dinner at the restaurant
  • Level 2:Β good-looking clothes
  • Level 3: weekend trip

Besides, objectives are supported by:

  • inspirations to encourage us in the moments of self-doubt
  • deadlines, because otherwise, our plans would stay solely as dreams.

Source of influence

The following list is designed entirely by taking the inspiration from MiroBurn, whom I am following for a longer time. MiroBurn (Mirek Burnejko) is a polish entrepreneur and master of life hacking in my eyes, where one of his core principles is having long-term goals.

List of Goals

βœ… Achieved

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Programmer

  1. Solved 30 coding problems β€” 12/11/2018
  2. Solved 120 coding problems β€” 25/12/2019
  3. Solved 250 coding problems β€” 2020

My profiles: HackerRank, JetBrains Academy, CheckiO, CodeSignal, LeetCode.
Note 1: It’s a little tricky, to count my solutions from multiple sources, but eventually, it’s all about doing the work. πŸ™‚
Note 2 (after achieving the goal): I reached the 3rd level somewhere in 2020 thanks to my activity on JetBrains. Naturally, I will be still challenging myself with these excellent puzzles πŸ™‚

Inspiration: My friend Recep.

✍ Blogger

  1. Wrote the first post on my blog β€” 07/09/2018
  2. Wrote 3 posts on my blog β€” 30/09/2018
  3. Wrote 10 posts on my blog β€” 28/07/2019

Inspiration: Maciej Aniserowicz and hisΒ blogging contest.

🧘 Meditator

  1. Meditated 30 days in a row β€” 07/10/2018
  2. Meditated 130 days in a row β€” 15/01/2019
  3. MeditatedΒ 365Β days in a rowΒ β€” 07/09/2019

Inspiration: Buddhist monks.

πŸ¦‰ Daily French Duolingo

  1. Reached 30-day streak β€” 31/03/2020
  2. Reached 100-day streak β€” 09/06/2020
  3. Reached 365-day streak β€” 01/03/2021

My profile: pyXelr
: Me myself.

🚧 In progress

πŸƒ Daily Anki Flashcards

  1. Reached 30-day streak β€” 26/06/2020
  2. Reached 100-day streak β€” 04/09/2020
  3. Reached 365-day streak β€” 27/05/2021

Inspiration: Me myself.
Note: Studying French, German, Machine Learning, Statistics, Geography, Python and anything else that I find interesting.
You can check out some of my own cards here.

πŸ¦‰ Daily French Duolingo (V2)

  1. Reached 500-day streak β€” 14/07/2021
  2. Reached 750-day streak β€” 21/03/2022
  3. Reached 1000-day streak β€” 26/11/2022

My profile: pyXelr
: Me myself.

πŸ‡«πŸ‡· French Speaker

  1. Achieved A2 level β€” 2019
  2. Achieved B1 level β€” 2020
  3. Achieved B2 level β€” 2021

Inspiration: Me myself.

🎢 Music Producer

  1. Uploaded the first full song on SoundCloud β€” 2021
  2. Uploaded 3 songs on SoundCloud β€” 2022
  3. Uploaded 10 songs on SoundCloud β€” 2025

Inspiration: All the creative artists I discovered on SoundCloud.

πŸƒ Marathon Runner

  1. Ran half marathon β€” 19/05/2019
  2. Ran marathon β€” 2022
  3. Ran ultramarathon (100 km) β€” 2024

Inspiration: MiroBurn achieving the same goals.