For contract work, take a look at my Résumé.

  • CSF’22 conference [event] [ai] [cloud-computing] • 2022 • done
    13.10.2022 – talked about ”The use of cloud computing in business and artificial intelligence
    during a local conference in Rzeszów (“Carpathian Startup Fest 2022: Deep Tech”)
  • CyberDefence24 interview [interview] [ai] [ethics] • 2021 • done
    20.11.2021 – interview (in Polish) for about the ethical aspects of designing AI systems.
  • Simple Banking System [python] [sqlite3] • 2020 • done
    Simulation of a Simple Banking System written in Python that uses sqlite3 to work with the SQL database.
  • Customer Churn Prediction at Orange [python] [ml] • 2020 • done
    EDA & prediction of customer churn at Orange with the use of Machine Learning.
  • Log to CSV Parser [python] [regex] [tkinter] • 2020 • done
    Python application to parse selected values from LOG or TXT files into a CSV format.
  • Recommendations for Engineers [list] • 2019 • in progress (active!)
    List of my recommendations for aspiring engineers in a single place, coming from various areas of interest.
  • Automated Image Analysis of Micrographs [imagej] [image-analysis] • 2018 • done • see its blog post
    Automation system for image analysis process which can characterise biomedical scans rapidly.
  • Advancement of Convolutional Neural Networks for Image Classification [python] [deep-learning] • 2018 • done
    Use of three neural network types, data augmentation and visualisation to improve the accuracy of a general CNN architecture.
  • Classification of Audio Features Using Machine Learning Algorithms [python] [data-analysis] [ml] • 2017 • done
    Exploration of music files to define the core characteristics of various musical genres.
  • Hosting Virtual Machines & Use of Cloud Simulation Toolkit [cloud-computing] [virtualisation] • 2017 • done
    Research paper describing two cases of simulations commonly used in the cloud computing industry.

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