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All of my recommendations for aspiring engineers in a single place, coming from various areas of interest. The principal scope supports data science, programming, python, math, cybersecurity, business, and productivity.

The list also aggregates and extends most of the suggestions from my blog posts, where some of the entries come from a different language (🇵🇱). Although it’s my personal list, don’t hesitate to tell me if I missed something interesting or if there is a dead link. You are also welcome to create a pull request and see the history of edits in the GitHub repo.

Tip: The catalogue is sorted chronologically, but I believe it is easier and more practical to browse this site by categories (using the TOC).

🌐 Blogs

 It’s best to collect all your favourite sites into the RSS feed reader like Inoreader  You can also discover more tech blogs with Blogging for Devs



data science



  • Andy Matuschak ← read and learn about learning, quantum computing, math, software development, and more
  • Bartosz Ciechanowski ← high-quality blog posts with interactive elements on topics like GPS or mechanical watch
  • Gwern ← the content varies mostly between psychology, statistics, and technology
  • Medium ← popular blogging platform
  • Our World in Data ← research and data to make progress against the world’s largest problems
  • Reddit ← front page of the Internet (tip: browse by subreddits, not the main site)
  • vas3k ← one of the most “quality over quantity” tech blogs you can find on the Internet
  • Wait But Why ← great reading time guaranteed



  • beepb00p ← inspirational blogger building various things
  • Code Without Rules ← helping you become a productive programmer and get work/life balance
  • Coding Horror ← programming and human factors
  • Devstyle (🇵🇱) ← blog for every programmer
  • DEV Community ← popular blogging platform for developers
  • Discover dev ← daily digest of the best engineering blogs from across the web
  • Hacker Noon ← great stories by real tech professionals
  • Product Hunt ← discover the best new products in tech
  • Stack Overflow Blog ← essays, opinions, and advice on the act of computer programming
  • Tania Rascia ← visually pleasing blog about modern JavaScript, Node.js, design and web development
  • Tushar’s Blog ← exceptional Python focused blog

📚 Books

 For more, visit my bookshelf on Goodreads




data science

data tools




personal development


 Mostly universal (language-independent books). 


💾 Browser Extensions

💼 Business

remote collaboration

  • Discord ← VoIP application (my preference over Slack)
  • Google Hangouts ← remote video calls
  • Hackpad ← web-based realtime wiki (great for knowledge sharing/documentation)
  • Miro ← online collaborative whiteboard (great for remote event storming)
  • Remote Work Toolkit ← set of tools for remote work
  • Trello ← web-based Kanban-style list-making application (great for creating tickets)


  • ahrefs ← research your competitors
  • Bitcoin Regret Club ← check how much would you earn/lose if you would invest into Bitcoin on the chosen date
  • BuzzSumo ← analyze what content performs best for any topic or competitor
  • Calendly ← schedule appointments
  • CoSchedule ← schedule online posts/marketing
  • Cryptowatch ← live Bitcoin price charts
  • FlatGA ← easy overview of your Google Analytics dashboard
  • Google Optimize ← free tool to perform A/B tests to analyse customers
  • ← stock market quotes & financial news
  • ODOO ← web-based open source business apps
  • Sendy ← cheap newsletter system via Amazon SES
  • Startup
    • books ← list of books to help you along your startup journey
    • idea checklist ← answer before opening a startup
    • stacklist ← list of technologies used by startups
    • stash ← curated directory of resources & tools to help you build your startup
  • Tools for Makers ← hand-curated directory of tools for makers

👾 Cybersecurity


  • CTFlearn ← ethical hacking platform that enables tens of thousands to learn, practice, and compete
  • CTFtime ← CTF archive, current overall Capture The Flag team rating, per-team statistics etc.
  • Google CTF ← CTF organised by Google with different challenges to practice
  • Hacker101 ← free class for web security
  • Hacksplaining ← interactive lessons to present the most typical cybersecurity attacks. Afterwards, the site presents an extended article with the ways of how to protect ourselves from the particular vulnerability
  • Hack The Box ← online platform allowing you to test your penetration testing skills and exchange ideas and methodologies with thousands of people in the security field
  • HackTricks ← collection of hacking tricks & techniques that the author have learnt in CTFs, real life apps, and by reading researches and news
  • ← education platform for students (and other interested parties) to learn about, and practice, core cybersecurity concepts in a hands-on fashion
  • The Book of Secret Knowledge ← collection of inspiring lists, manuals, cheatsheets, blogs, hacks, one-liners, cli/web tools and more
  • TryHackMe ← cybersecurity guides and challenges in your browser


  • AmIUnique ← check your browser fingerprint
  • Browserling ← online browser sandbox
  • CheckShortURL ← shortened URL expander
  • CyberChef ← web app for encryption, encoding, compression and data analysis
  • DuckDuckGo ← find what has been hidden from you by Google
  • Filecrypt ← encrypt a link
  • Firefox Relay ← create aliases, randomly generated email addresses that forward to your real inbox
  • Have I Been Pwned ← check if you have an account that has been compromised in a data breach
  • Hybrid Analysis ← analyse malware for free in the browser
  • I know what you download ← torrent downloads and distributions for chosen IP
  • IP Info ← check if your VPN leaks information
  • Pi-Hole ← adblock for the whole network (requires: router + raspberry pi)
  • PrivacyTools ← set of services, tools, and knowledge to protect your privacy
    • PRISM Break ← set of privacy tools (categorised by operating systems)
    • Privacy Respecting ← curated list of privacy respecting services and software
  • Redirect Checker ← check your redirects and statuscode
  • Shodan ← search engine of IoT
  • Tails ← privacy OS for pendrive (protects your privacy and offers all sorts of apps to do so, like Tor, Thunderbird and PGP)
  • Temp Mail ← create a temporary anonymous e-mail
  • Webbkoll ← monitor privacy-enhancing features on websites, and find out who is letting you exercise control over your privacy
  • Whois ← whois lookup
  • Your social media fingerprint ← check where you are currently logged in

📊 Data Science

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My private Obsidian would be there, but I prefer to share only the most relevant content. IMPORTANT: be aware that many cheatsheets repeat false information, such as classifying logistic regression as a pure classification algorithm.



  • CalmJobs ← job board of companies who value work-life balance
  • DataJobs ← jobs on the US market
  • Indeed ← worldwide job search
  • Kaggle jobs ← job board on Kaggle
  • LinkedIn ← social platform for employees
  • Remote Jobs ← browse 1,900+ remote companies and learn about their team, benefits, work culture and more
  • StatsJobs ← jobs for statisticians
  • Tech Interview Handbook ← carefully curated content to help you ace your next technical interview with a focus on algorithms


  • Glassdoor ← find jobs and company reviews from its employees
  • Jobscan ← optimise your resume using the ATS system
  • ← compare salaries and career levels at big companies

learning material

  • AI Expert Roadmap ← roadmap to becoming an Artificial Intelligence Expert in 2020
  • AI Explorables ← big ideas in machine learning, simply explained by Google
  • data-science-ipython-notebooks ← learn data science from IPython notebooks
  • Deep Learning Monitor ← find new Arxiv papers, tweets and Reddit posts for you
  • Dive into Deep Learning ← interactive deep learning book with code, math, and discussions, based on the NumPy interface
  • Explained Visually ← interactive visualisations
  • Kaggle ← home of data science for competitions, datasets, coursers, notebooks and discussions
  • Machine Learning for Everyone ← blog post, which explains the most critical concepts in a funny and practical way. You won’t be bored reading it, and it might take you around 30-40 mins
  • Machine Learning on Coursera ← the must check course by Andrew Ng
  • Machine Learning Study Path March 2019 ← GitHub repository with complete ML study path, focused on TensorFlow and Scikit-Learn
  • Machine Learning with AWS ← free digital curriculum used to train Amazon’s developers and data scientists. You can end it up with a paid professional certification straight from AWS
  • Made with ML ← platform for the ML community to learn, discover, share & organize content
  • Neural Networks ← YouTube playlist of four (20 mins videos) explaining the theory behind neural networks (by 3blue1brown)
  • Papers with Code ← free and open resource with Machine Learning papers, code and evaluation tables


online tools



 As there are many, I highly encourage you to check my custom feeds: 


🎨 Design

colour palettes


  • Canva ← create graphics easily
  • Carbon ← share an image of code
  • Coggle ← generate mind maps
  • ← free online diagram software (previously:
  • Hatchful ← logo creator from the Shopify team
  • Kapwing ← collaborative platform for creating images, videos, and GIFs
  • Launchaco ← free online logo maker
  • Marvel ← create mockups in the browser
  • Venngage ← infographic creator


  • Photopea ← Photoshop in the browser
  • Pixlr X ← online image editor
  • ← automatically remove background from an image
  • Unscreen ← automatically remove background from a video


  • CoreUI Icons ← premium designed free icon set with marks in SVG, Webfont and raster formats
  • Eva Icons ← simple open-source icons
  • Flaticon ← free vector icons
  • Font Awesome ← vector icons and social logos for your website
  • icons8 ← free icons

📆 Events

📰 IT News

 All the mentioned sites are mostly free of clickbait and offer the triumph of form over content. 

🧠 Learning

  • Brilliant ← replace lecture videos with hands-on, interactive problem solving
  • Hypothesis ← open-source tool to highlight/annotate the text you read online and in the scientific papers. It’s a great way to organize your research, as well as hold discussions about your annotations with other users like me
  • Polar Bookshelf ← open-source tool to annotate PDF documents and websites and later turn them into Anki flashcards. It’s a quite unique alternative to Hypothesis
  • Researcher ← feed for scientific papers
  • Simple Wikipedia ← Wikipedia articles explained in simple words


I’ve explained my way of using flashcards (mainly Anki) thoroughly in this blog post.


  • Busuu ← global language learning community, where you can take language courses to practice reading, writing, listening and speaking (great alternative to Duolingo)
  • Clozemaster ← language learning gamification through mass exposure to vocabulary in context
  • Duolingo ← free web/mobile app to learn most of the languages
  • LyricsTraining ← learning languages with the music videos and filling in the lyrics of your favorite songs
  • Reverso Context ← translator with example sentences to give more context
  • Rosetta Stone ← learn online with a possibility to book online conversations with a native speaker
  • YouGlish ← search engine to find the pronunciation of the phrase in a YouTube video. The site offers multiple languages

online courses

  • A Cloud Guru ← courses and real hands-on labs in AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and beyond
  • Coursera ← courses by universities and other professional organizations
  • Courseroot ← course search engine
  • DataCamp ← online courses just for data science
  • Dataquest ← online courses just for data science (seems to be tougher than DataCamp but lacks the mobile app)
  • edX ← online university-level courses
  • HN Academy ← online courses recommended by the community of Hacker News
  • Khan Academy ← free online university
  • O’Reilly learning ← learning platform with online interactive sandboxes and access to O’Reilly books
  • SwitchUp ← compare/rank bootcamps by subjects
  • Udacity ← high-quality courses for tech topics
  • Udemy ← find and create online courses


  • Quora ← ask anything
  • Reddit ← find the right subreddit for your question
  • Stack Exchange ← find the right site to ask your question
  • Stack Overflow ← all the programming related questions


🐧 Linux

  • Cassowary ← run Windows applications on Linux as if they are native
  • DistroTest ← try running any Linux distro in the cloud VM
  • instantbox ← spin up temporary Linux systems with instant webshell access from any browser
  • Peek ← animated GIF recorder for Linux
  • termtosvg ← record terminal sessions as SVG animations
  • UserLAnd ← run a Linux distribution or application on Android (without root)
  • WebVM ← server-less virtual Linux env running client-side in HTML5/WebAssembly
  • Wine ← compatibility layer capable of running Windows applications on several POSIX-compliant operating systems, such as Linux, macOS, & BSD
  • xxh ← bring your favorite shell wherever you go through ssh


Additionally, you can find settings of my terminals (UI, plugins, aliases, etc.) in the my-terminal repository.

  • bat ← cat(1) clone with wings
  • broot ← new way to see and navigate directory trees
  • CommandLineFu← share & browse Linux CLI one-liners
  • crontab guru ← quick and simple editor for cron schedule expressions
  • exa ← modern replacement for ls
  • explainshell ← match CLI arguments to their help text
  • fd ← better alternative to find
  • fzf ← CLI fuzzy finder
  • howdoi ← get quick answers to common linux related questions, right inside your terminal by typing "howdoi [your question]"
  • htop ← interactive process viewer
  • Modern Unix ← collection of modern/faster/saner alternatives to common unix commands
  • Neofetch ← CLI tool to display information about your OS in an aesthetic way
  • nushell ← new type of shell
  • Oh My Zsh ← framework for managing your Zsh configuration
  • Online Bash Shell ← online Bash editor
  • Outrun ← execute a local command using the processing power of another Linux machine
  • ShellCheck ← find bugs in your shell scripts
  • Starship ← prompt for any shell (customize it, e.g. to disable the package module)
  • tealdeer ← very fast implementation of tldr in Rust
  • tree ← display directories as trees (with optional color/HTML output)
  • zsh ← shell designed for interactive use, although it is also a powerful scripting language
  • zsh-autosuggestions ← fish-like autosuggestions for Zsh
  • zsh-syntax-highlighting ← fish shell like syntax highlighting for Zsh


  • aws-cli ← official Amazon AWS command-line interface
  • helm ← package manager for Kubernetes
  • jq ← CLI JSON processor
  • k9s ← Kubernetes CLI (alternatively, try Lens)
  • kubectl ← Kubernetes cluster manager
  • kustomize ← Kubernetes native configuration management
  • sops ← tool for managing secrets
  • yq ← command-line YAML, JSON and XML processor

🍎 macOS

➗ Math



  • Desmos ← graphing calculator. You can create visualisations close to 3blue1brown style (such as [1] or [2])
  • Manim ← generate explanatory animations for your math videos (created by 3blue1brown)
  • Mathway ← algebra problem solver
  • Symbolab ← step by step solver
  • WolframAlpha ← ultimate online calculator

📱 Mobile Apps

🎶 Music


  • Ableton
  • FL Studio ← my favourite choice with lots of online tutorials. Can be highly extended with multiple plugins



  • ← music to improve focus
  • defonic ← create immersive soundscape
  • Endel ← personalized soundscapes to help you focus, relax, and sleep. Backed by neuroscience
  • ← track your scrobbles. Make sure to follow me!
  • ← online radio to focus and relax
  • lofi generator ← algorithmically generate royalty-free lofi hip-hop
  • lofi hip hop radio ← live YouTube transmission of background music for your studying sessions
  • Moodil ← nature sounds
  • musicForProgramming ← series of mixes intended for listening while ‘+task+’ to aid concentration
  • myNoise ← create beautiful noises to mask the noises you don’t want to hear
  • ← premium masking sounds
  • Poolsuite FM ← the chillest place online: a place where it’s perpetually the summer of 1997 (probably my favourite radio)
  • Radio Garden ← listen to thousands of radio stations from the world using a Google Earth based menu
  • SoundCloud ← find lots of indie music and upload your own one. Make sure to follow me!
  • Spotify ← stream music online

sample packs

  • ADSR ← sample packs + music courses
  • BBC Sound Effects ← 16000 BBC Sound Effects in WAV format
  • ← 1000’s of free samples, presets, and more
  • Loopmasters ← different types of samples: one shots, loops, construction kits (samples combined for one particular song)
  • SoundPacks ← comprehensive source for free sample packs, drum kits, loop packs, and preset packs


  • alda ← text-based programming language for music composition
  • Bongo Cat ← hit the bongos like Bongo Cat!
  • Chrome Music Lab ← website that makes learning music more accessible through fun, hands-on experiments
  • DeepJ ← AI to compose piano music in real-time
  • drumbit ← online drum machine
  • Every Noise at Once ← map of music styles (play each style with a single click)
  • Jukeblocks ← song structure generator, that generates the tracks, song sections and composition/arrangement of a song
  • Ludotune ← make music with 3D blocks
  • Music Grid ← turn on sound, tap on the grid
  • Music Maker ← with the use of AI
  • ← digital signal processing spreadsheet for sound design
  • Roland50 Studio ← online music creation platform by Yuri Suzuki and Roland
  • SOUL ← IDE and language to make music
  • Spleeter ← extract acapella from the song using AI (demonstration video)
  • The Infinite Drum Machine ← create beats using sounds from the everyday world

📧 Newsletters

Try gathering all your favourite newsletters into Newsletry (Inoreader for newsletters).

  • AI News ← daily summary of AI discords + top Twitter accounts
  • Awesome Newsletters ← curated list of awesome newsletters
  • ← scientific papers summarized in few bullet points
  • Dane i Analizy (🇵🇱) ← ML, AI, devops, data analysis, Python and R
  • Data Elixir ← weekly dose of the top data science picks from around the web. Covering machine learning, data visualization, analytics, and strategy
  • Data Science Weekly ← featuring curated news, articles and jobs related to Data Science. You can read the archive at any time
  • DEV Community ← weekly newsletter of top 7 posts (activate in settings of your account)
  • GitHub Trending Repos ← subscribe to weekly/daily sets of trending repositories from different languages
  • Hacker Newsletter ← weekly newsletter of best posts from Hacker News
  • Highbrow ← choose a topic to learn and receive a daily message
  • Inside ← daily newsletters on different topics. For example, check out Inside AI
  • James Clear ← apply better habits in your life (from the author of Atomic Habits)
  • KubeWeekly ← weekly newsletter for all things Kubernetes and beyond
  • learnbyexample weekly ← CLI, Python, Regular Expressions, Vim, etc.
  • Machine Learning Ops Roundup ← bringing together the best articles, news and papers about MLOps
  • Morning Cup of Coding ← daily programming newsletter featuring long form technical articles of all fields of software engineering
  • Papers with Code ← stay informed on the latest trending ML papers with code, research developments, libraries, methods, and datasets
  • Podcast Notes ← summary of podcasts in few bullet points
  • Product Hunt Daily ← a daily digest of the best of Product Hunt, created by your friends
  • The Batch ← stay updated with weekly AI News and Insights from DeepLearning.AI
  • The Data Science Roundup ← internet’s most useful data science articles
  • The Overflow ← newsletter by developers, for developers
  • TLDR Newsletter ← daily 5-minute e-mails on selected categories (AI, DevOps, IT, …)
  • unknowNews (🇵🇱) ← weekly newsletter. Check its archive or search engine for the past sendings
  • Unreadit/Tech ← Reddit content on tech

🎧 Podcasts

 I recommend listening to all podcasts through Pocket Casts web/mobile app



data science


  • DevOps and Docker Talk ← interviews and audience Q&A from Bret Fisher’s YouTube Live show and other chats with friends in the world of cloud native and container DevOps
  • Kubernetes Notes ← based on Kubernetes Documentation
  • Kubernetes Podcast from Google ← weekly news and interview show with insight from the Kubernetes community
  • ← weekly talks and fireside chats about everything that has to do with the new space emerging around DevOps for Machine Learning aka MLOps aka Machine Learning Operations
  • MLOps Live ← podcast by
  • Patoarchitekci (🇵🇱) ← about the modern architecture in IT
  • Więcej Niż Konteneryzacja (🇵🇱) ← everything about containers by Damian Naprawa




⏲ Productivity

  • ActivityWatch ← open-source time tracker (alternative to RescueTime)
  • Box Breathing Exercise ← take a break, breathe and calm down
  • DeepL ← AI based translator (imho, better than Google Translator)
  • Effective Engineer Notes ← quick read on how to be effective and get things done
  • Focusmate ← let others watch you while you work
  • Focus Sounds ← navigate to the “Music” section of this list
  • Inoreader ← web-based content and RSS feed reader
  • Intention ← Chrome extension to stop visiting distractive websites
  • Leave Me Alone ← see all of your subscription emails in one place and unsubscribe from them with a single click
  • ← online radio to focus and relax
  • Make ← automate various tasks (more advanced than IFTT and 2.5x cheaper than Zapier)
  • Monochrome mode (grayscale mode) activation on your mobile device ← attract yourself less to the colourless screen
  • Obsidian ← my favourite powerful knowledge base (note-taking tool) that works on top of a local folder of plain text Markdown files
  • OneNote Desktop ← note-taking tool from Microsoft (desktop version is much more feature-rich over the UWP app)
  • Productivity Methods ← large list by Todoist
  • Productivity Stack ← list of productivity tools
  • Quirk ← app to apply Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). The website also explains what is CBT
  • ← bookmark manager (Pocket like app)
  • RemNote ← note-taking app that will convert your notes to flashcards with the use of specific syntax. Here you can check its live demo
  • Roam ← note-taking tool as powerful as a graph database, applying the Zettelkasten method (alternative to Obsidian)
  • Todoist ← my daily to-do app (using this link you will get 2 months of premium for free!). If you don’t know how to start, check out my Todoist setup and inspire yourself!
  • Toggl ← the most integrated time tracker

👨‍💻 Programming

coding challenges

  • Binary Search ← create a room, invite your friends, and race to finish the problems
  • CheckiO ← learn Python or JavaScript through the online game
  • Codecademy ← one of the biggest online coding platforms
  • CodeCombat ← coding games to learn Python and JavaScript
  • CodeGym ← online Java programming course that is 80% based on practice
  • CodeSignal ← the most popular website of this kind
  • Codewars ← improve your skills by training with others on real code challenges
  • CodinGame ← learn programming through online sets of puzzles
  • Edabit ← simple, new website in the market
  • exercism ← 100% free service, where you submit solutions through your terminal
  • HackerRank ← my personal choice. I’ve started with included 30-days coding challenge and can totally recommend it
  • JetBrains Academy ← dive into Java, Python, and other programming languages in a project-based learning environment that is integrated with JetBrains IDEs
  • LeetCode ← more advanced website, where you will mostly find problems asked by the world’s largest tech companies. I recommend watching Kevin Naughton Jr. who goes through many problems from there
  • Project Lovelace ← bunch of free scientific programming problems. Each problem teaches some bit of science, like how to simulate a guitar, splice DNA, or predict the weather
  • StrataScratch ← over 1000 data science exercises taken from real companies to practice SQL and Python


  • Docker Desktop ← application for building and sharing containerized application
  • Postman ← popular API client that makes it easy for developers to create, share, test and document APIs


  • Anaconda ← most popular Python/R Data Science platform, which lets you install and manage all of the following tools:
    • Jupyter Notebook ← good choice for the beginning and the reason of maintaining a well-documented code
    • Spyder ← Python IDE
    • RStudio ← R IDE
  • Google Colab ← alternative to Jupyter Notebook. Run your code entirely in the browser and improve the model learning time by leveraging Google’s GPU/TPU
  • PyCharm ← more robust Python IDE
  • Sublime Text ← the most optimised text editor with a package control
  • Visual Studio Code ← highly extensible IDE from Microsoft (explained thoroughly in My VS Code Playground blog post)

online tools

algorithm visualizer

  • Algorithm Visualiser ← interactive online platform to visualise algorithms from code
  • Pandas Data Tutor ← write Python pandas code in your browser and see how it transforms your data step-by-step
  • Python Tutor ← visualise Python algorithms, step by step
  • Tidy Data Tutor ← write R and Tidyverse code in your browser and see how your data frame changes at each step


online IDE

  • Coding Ground ← set of online IDE and compilers
  • OnlineGDB ← online compiler and debugger
  • ← collaborative, in-browser IDE to code in 50+ languages
  • ← VS Code for the web


web dev

  • Animatize ← Drag a character with your mouse to create an animation
  • Can I use … ← up-to-date browser support tables for support of front-end web technologies
  • CSS Stats ← analytics and visualizations for your stylesheets
  • Dead link checker ← broken link checker
  • ExtendsClass ← toolbox for web designers and webmasters
  • ← favicon.ico generator
  • GTmetrix ← website performance checker
  • Layoutit Grid ← quickly draw down web pages layouts with our clean editor, and get HTML and CSS code
  • Nu HTML checker ← validate HTML
  • Tiny Helpers ← collection of free single-purpose online tools for web developers
  • Transform tools ← polyglot web converter


  • Airtable ← partly spreadsheet, partly database. Can replace WordPress for non-technical users, who can also manage multiple domains using this tool
  • Bubble ← visual programming (no coding required)
  • Coda ← build docs as powerful as an app (no coding recuired)
  • DevDocs ← API documentation browser
  • ← list of software (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, etc.) and other offerings that have free tiers for developers
  • ← beautify your JSON code
  • regex101 ← online regex tester and debugger
  • StackEdit ← visual Markdown editor

websites to study from

🛫 Travel

🖥 Windows

  • 7-Zip ← file archiver with a high compression ratio
  • Action! ← screen recorder
  • AIMP ← music player
  • AquaSnap ← tiling window manager
  • Audacity ← simple audio editor
  • AutoHotkey ← ultimate automation scripting language for Windows (here is a collection of my scripts)
  • Calibre ← e-book manager
  • Chocolatey ← package manager
  • clink ← Bash’s powerful command line editing in cmd.exe
  • Deskreen ← turn any device into a secondary screen for your computer
  • DevToys ← Swiss Army knife for developers
  • Directory Opus ← ultimate file manager (worth paying for)
  • Ditto ← clipboard manager
  • espanso ← cross-platform text expander (you can find my settings here)
  • Everything ← search local files instantly
  • EverythingToolbar ← Everything integration for the Windows taskbar
  • Ferdium ← all the social apps in one place
  • FileZilla ← free and open-source FTP client/server
  • f.lux ← reduce the amount of blue light at night (you can also install the UWP app)
  • Frink ← practical calculating tool and programming language designed to make physical calculations simple
  • FxSound ← open-source software to boost sound quality
  • GitKraken ← cross-platform GUI Git client
  • gsudo ← sudo for Windows
  • JDownloader ← open-source download management tool
  • KeePassXC ← cross-platform password manager. Otherwise, consider 1Password as the most secure online manager
  • MobaXterm ← enhanced terminal for Windows with X11 server, tabbed SSH client, network tools and much more
  • Mp3tag ← mp3 tag editor
  • Ninite ← install and update all your programs at once
  • NirSoft – freeware utilities ← freeware tools and system utilities
  • Oh My Posh ← prompt theme engine for any shell. Alternatively, use Starship
  • Patch My PC ← tool for detecting and automatically updating software (shows less stuff than UpdateHub)
  • PDF-XChange Editor ← most feature-rich PDF viewer/editor
  • ← full-featured portable software system
  • Potplayer ← video player
  • PowerToys ← Windows system utilities to maximize productivity
  • PuTTY← SSH and telnet client
  • qBittorrent ← open-source torrent manager
  • scoop ← command-line installer for Windows
  • ShareX ← most feature-rich screen capture tool
  • simplewall ← configure Windows Filtering Platform (WFP) which can configure network activity on your computer
  • Sysinternals Utilities Index ← utilities to manage, diagnose, troubleshoot, and monitor a Microsoft Windows environment
  • TaskbarX ← center Windows taskbar icons with a variety of animations and options
  • UpdateHub ← tool for detecting and automatically updating software (shows more stuff than Patch My PC)
  • Windows Terminal ← modern terminal application (you can find my settings here)
  • WinMerge ← open-source diff checker (required e.g. by Ditto)
  • WinSCP ← popular SFTP client and FTP client for Microsoft Windows
  • WSLg ← open GUI software through WSL
  • XnView MP ← powerful photo viewer, image management, image resizer

✍ Writing/Research


  • Awesome LaTeX ← list of LaTeX resources
  • Mathpix Snip ← convert images to LaTeX by capturing your screen
  • Overleaf ← online LaTeX editor, recommended not only for the beginners

research websites

  • arXiv ← open access to the scientific papers
  • DOAJ ← directory of open access journals
  • Google Scholar ← web search engine that indexes the full text or metadata of scholarly literature
  • JSTOR ← access to more than 12 million academic journal articles, books, and primary sources in 75 disciplines
  • ResearchGate ← European commercial social networking site for scientists and researchers to share papers, ask and answer questions, and find collaborators
  • ScienceDirect ← website which provides subscription-based access to a large database of scientific and medical research
  • Sci-Hub ← unlock access to all scientific papers using its URL, PMID/DOI
  • Springer ← access to millions of scientific documents from journals, books, series, protocols, reference works and proceedings
  • Wikipedia’s List of academic databases and search engines

📼 YouTube Channels


data science

  • AI Explained ← covering the biggest news of the century – the arrival of smarter-than-human AI
  • CodeEmporium ← data science topics explained through simple visualisations
  • Daniel Bourke ← machine learning engineer who plays at the intersection of technology and health
  • David Robinson ← hours of data analysis in R
  • ← more of Andrew Ng
  • DeepLearning.TV ← complex topics explained with great visualisations
  • deeplizard ← AI/ML explained
  • Jay Alammar ← high-quality videos with simple ML visualisations
  • Luis Serrano ← complex topics, mainly in mathematics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence
  • sentdex ← Python programming tutorials
  • Siraj Raval ← AI, ML, Python and more (unfortunately involved in the scandal of plagiarism)
  • StatQuest with Josh Starmer ← major statistical methodologies into easy to understand pieces (highly recommend it!)
  • The AI University ← educational channel on data science, data analysis, data engineering and cloud architecture
  • Thu Vu data analytics ← information on entering a Data analytics / Data science career
  • Two Minute Papers ← quick reviews of scientific research papers
  • What’s AI ← quick reviews of scientific research papers and AI terms explained
  • Yannic Kilcher ← videos about machine learning research papers, programming, and issues of the AI community and the broader impact of AI in society


  • ByteByteGo ← topics and trends in large-scale system design
  • DevOps Toolkit ← channel of a passionate DevOps who keeps us up with the most recent DevOps tools
  • ← Machine Learning Operations best practices from engineers in the field



  • 3blue1brown ← driven by animations for difficult problems to be made simple with changes in perspective
  • blackpenredpen ← for everyone who loves math
  • Brian McLogan ← teaching math from the perspective of the struggling student
  • Brilliant ← excel in math and science
  • Domain of Science ← overview of science with the help of single maps
  • Eddie Woo ← one of the most enthusiastic math teachers on the web
  • Flammable Maths ← memes and math!
  • Krista King ← master in math
  • Looking Glass Universe ← about the strange world of maths and physics
  • Mathemaniac ← showing a more fun side of Mathematics, as well as the elegance of Math
  • Mathologer ← really accessible explanations of hard and beautiful math(s)
  • Michael Penn ← math videos covering Calculus, Differential Equations, Number Theory and more
  • MindYourDecisions ← brain teasers
  • Numberphile ← videos about numbers
  • Prof Ghrist Math ← animated introduction to calculus
  • standupmaths ← mathematics and stand-up (sometimes simultaneously)
  • statisticsfun ← visual explanations of algebra, trig, calculus, statistics, and economics
  • The Organic Chemistry Tutor ← tutorial videos on organic chemistry, general chemistry, physics, algebra, trigonometry, precalculus, and calculus
  • Think Twice ← animated math videos
  • Welch Labs ← math, science, and machine learning resources


  • Akademia Bogactwa (🇵🇱) ← daily vlog of Polish entrepreneur focused on real estate
  • Ali Abdaal ← one of the best channels to learn organisation and study techniques from a med student
  • Andrzej Krzywda (🇵🇱) ← daily vlog of Polish programmer/entrepreneur
  • Benjamin Keep, PhD, JD ← insights into learning, science, and society. For teachers, students and the science-curious
  • BrainCraft ← self-improvement tips and advice based in psychology and neuroscience
  • Charisma on Command ← master your charisma
  • Devstyle (🇵🇱) ← daily vlog of Polish entrepreneur (past programmer)
  • FightMediocrity ← summaries of the most inspiring books
  • HealthyGamerGG ← mental health platform designed to help the internet generation succeed
  • Justin Sung ← studying and learning, time management
  • MiroBurn (🇵🇱) ← daily vlog of Polish entrepreneur focused on online courses, biohacking, motivating others and establishing new companies
  • Wojna Idei (🇵🇱) ← psychology, philosophy, sociology and culture


  • anthonywritescode ← various videos about programming and related topics (most videos deal with Python)
  • ArjanCodes ← Python videos about programming and software design to help you take your coding skills to the next level
  • Branch Education ← engineering and science concepts illuminated with videos of accurate models and visualized physics
  • Computerphile ← general computer science channel
  • Corey Schafer ← Python in data science and not only
  • Daniel Rakowiecki (🇵🇱) ← electronics repair (laptops, consoles and more)
  • Derek Banas ← is there a topic on which Derek didn’t record a tutorial?
  • Errichto ← solving advanced algorithms step by step
  • Fireship ← intermediate to advanced lessons about JavaScript, Flutter, Firebase, and modern app development. The channel hosts lots of videos explaining complex topics in 100 seconds
  • FORBOT (🇵🇱) ← electronics and programming courses
  • freeCodeCamp ← videos from open-source community
  • Gaurav Sen ← one of the most talented YouTube teachers of Competitive programming, System design and Artificial intelligence
  • Kevin Naughton Jr. ← LeetCode challenges solver
  • Pasja Informatyki (🇵🇱) ← general IT/psychology channel
  • ProgrammingKnowledge ← one of the most varied programming channel
  • Programming with Mosh ← lots of videos on Python, JavaScript, C#
  • Python Engineer ← Python and Machine Learning tutorials
  • RS Elektronika (🇵🇱) ← for anyone interested in electronics
  • Simplilearn ← online bootcamp focused on helping people acquire the skills they need to thrive in the digital economy
  • The Coding Train ← one of the most-enthusiastic coders on the web
  • ThePrimeagen ← Vim, Rust, TypeScript with a lot of humor (also check the 2nd channel: ThePrimeTime)
  • (🇵🇱) ← programming, Linux, security, and more
  • WilliamFiset ← educational computer science and mathematics videos


  • AK LECTURES ← biology, biochemistry and physics. I recommend going through the playlists
  • AsapSCIENCE ← quick scientific explanations
  • Astrofaza (🇵🇱) ← everything about space
  • BrainStuff – HowStuffWorks ← everyday science in the world around us
  • CGP Grey ← short explanatory videos on varying subjects, including politics, geography, economics, history, and culture
  • DIY Perks ← plenty of interesting DIY projects on a variety of topics, including computers, woodworking, electronics, audio, and more!
  • exurb1a ← attempt to explain the way universe works
  • Geography Now ← first and only Youtube Channel that actively attempts to cover profiles on every single country of the world
  • iBiology ← biology talks by the world’s leading scientists that show the process of science and the wonders of discovery. Make sure to check out their other channels
  • It’s Okay To Be Smart ← Joe Hanson, Ph.D. is a curious group of atoms in a curious universe, and he’s here to tell you how it all works
  • Kurzgesagt ← videos explaining things with optimistic nihilism (quality > quantity)
  • Langfocus ← channel of a language enthusiast, globetrotter
  • Lex Clips ← clips from the Artificial Intelligent podcast and other conversations with Lex Fridman
  • Life Noggin ← quickly animated explanations
  • Mark Rober ← channel of a former NASA engineer and a friend of science
  • MinuteEarth ← science and stories about our awesome planet
  • minutephysics ← cool physics and other sweet science
  • Nauka. To Lubię (🇵🇱) ← for everyone who likes science
  • National Geographic ← world’s premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure
  • PBS Space Time ← explore the outer reaches of space, the craziness of astrophysics, the possibilities of sci-fi and more
  • Physics Girl ← adventures into the physical sciences with experiments, demonstrations, and cool new discoveries
  • Primer ← animated academic subjects
  • Reigarw Comparisons ← comparisons of sizes, speed, price, or anything interesting
  • SciFun (🇵🇱) ← world of science
  • Simone Giertz ← channel of a maker/robotics enthusiast/non-engineer
  • Smarter Every Day ← exploring the world using science (also check out the 2nd channel)
  • Smartgasm (🇵🇱) ← lots of astronomy and physics
  • Stuff Made Here ← building fabrication projects, writing software, making electronics, and more
  • The Thought Emporium ← from biohacking and biology, to nuclear physics and nanotech
  • TierZoo ← what if to talk about animals in terms of stats
  • Today I Found Out ← brand new videos 7 days a week to learn something new
  • Tom Scott ← channel of a British Internet personality
  • Uwaga! Naukowy Bełkot (🇵🇱) ← well-researched topics from the overall science
  • Veritasium ← videos about science, education, and anything else found interesting
  • Vsauce ← mostly scientific, psychological, mathematical, and philosophical topics
  • What If ← what if ___ ?
  • What I’ve Learned ← mostly health-based videos from a single person


  • Dave Lee ← critical reviews of the newest tech on the market
  • Linus ← entertaining tech explanations
  • Techquickie ← humorous answers to tech questions
  • ThioJoe ← technology videos, including tech news, reviews, and discussions (mainly focused on Windows)

🤷 Other