Pawel Cislo, MSc – dedicated and innovative Data Scientist with related education, practicum, and experience to contribute to long-range operational objectives.

Available for data science and data engineering positions, worldwide/remotely. Fluent in English and Polish, with elementary proficiency in French and German.

Enthusiastic about analysing large amounts of raw information in order to pinpoint patterns that help advance company mission. Demonstrated excellence in critical thinking and problem solving. Proven ability to research and develop statistical learning models for successful data analysis.

Dreams about revolutionising the way of teaching by utilising the digital transformation. As such, wants to keep this site as a public notebook for the most valuable knowledge that has been filtered from the rest of his private notes. Believes that staying on this website can benefit each of you, no matter of the background.


Résumé Document   (last updated on: 24/03/2020)

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Extra-professional Activities

• Blogger of personal and technical interests on this website + other social channels (mainly Instagram stories)
• Trainer of Personal Organisation
Contributor to open source projects
• Tech Meetup/Hackathon participant
• Active member of communities that discuss the Data Science/IT industry (local & online groups)
• Learning addict, facilitating long-term retention with Anki
• Investigator of cybersecurity trends/tools
• Consumer of books, podcasts, audiobooks and plenty of online articles
• Enthusiast of business, marketing, financial and productivity topics
• University course representative (UK/Poland)
Designer of several website themes
• Graphic & video editor
• Explorer of music production industry (amateurish creator of various tunes)
• Healthy lifestyle maintainer (meditator, runner, gym member)
• Football player (former member of a local club).

Experience Highlights

  • 2019 – 2020
    Data Scientist | System Designer at Alstom
    Charleroi, Belgium
  • 2019 – Present
    Consulting Data Science | Software Engineer at AKKA Belgium
    Brussels, Belgium
  • 2019 – Present
    International Engineering Consultant at The AKKAdemy
    Geneva, Switzerland
  • 2015 – 2016
    Data analyst at University of Information Technology & Management
    Rzeszow, Poland

Most Important Projects

More of my works have been hosted on:
• GitHub
• “Projects” section of my LinkedIn
• FB Page (smaller contributions).

My Internet Persona

In a nutshell, you can hear from me on:
• My blog <— website hosting all this text. Sign up to my newsletter not to miss anything new!
• Facebook Fan page <— notifications on new blog posts, book reviews, summaries of engaging podcasts, and more
• Twitter <— nowadays, my favourite social platform. Besides all the social interaction, it includes the content shared on the FB fan page
• LinkedIn <— discussions with my employers accompanied by exclusive articles shared on my profile
• GitHub <— technical contributions through own repositories and collaborations to the other public ones
• Instagram <— visual presence (chiefly on my stories) with lots of well-categorised highlights
• Goodreads <— my online library. Inspire yourself with all the books I’m reading, follow my reviews and annotations to the e-books consumed on my Kindle
• <— annotations/highlights to the online articles I step on
• Pinterest <— database of infographics regarding all my areas of interest
• Reddit <— 2nd most favourite social platform after Twitter thanks to its subreddits
• SoundCloud <— #1 entertainment website. I’m actively researching new tunes and at some point publishing my own sounds
• <— archive of my musical taste (since 2012)
• Endomondo <— measurements of my speed improvements

Don’t forget that you can always find my most quintessential profiles in the header of this website.